Hail to the Queen: Amalfi Town

Each town in Amalfi Coast has their own uniqueness that could suit the type of holiday you are looking for. For instance, we planned to just see Praiano, Positno and day trip to Capri. However, our Capri ferry trip got cancelled due to the strong waves and we just decided to visit the next town close to us- Amalfi Town.

Here is a short clip of the Queen of the Coast.


From Praiano, we took the Sita Bus towards Salerno which was a 20 to 30-minute ride.

Amalfi’s unique setting provided a backdrop for one of the most significant event in the Ancient Maritime Republic. Nowadays, it was one Italy’s most piercing destinations

At the drop off, Piazza Flavio Giola, you could see the picture-perfect landscape of Amalfi. The cliff decorated with medieval buildings, little shops and restaurants along the marina. We really love the striking . It got its own dramatic filter and as we got closer, everything was just divine.

For those who want to spend their time bathing under the sun, you can plunge in the pebbled or sand beach. Rent one of the colourful sun beds and enjoy the natural blend of beauty and charm.

The roads were wider and more suitable for walking compared with Positano. The narrow alleys actually reminded me of Venice. Also, there were more selections of hotels and b&bs from budget to luxury. Ohh,  and the lemons in every corner.

Overall, if you like architecture, beach and history, Amalfi is the town for you.

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