Amalfi Coast: The charming town of Praiano


Praiano Sea side

If you are planning to visit Amalfi Coast, you are probably searching which  area is the best. Most tourists prefer the busy town of Amalfi or Positano. So, let me introduce you to Praiano- a quiet fishing village  in Amalfi Coast.

Praiano Coast

When I was preparing for my trip, one of the tasks that took most of my time was searching for the perfect accommodation & by perfect, I mean a relaxing environment with a view. Skimming through the map (in Booking), I saw Hotel Open Gate in Praiano.

Hotel Open Gate

Praiano street

It was everything I imagined! Houses in white with dainty terraces decorated in bouganville. The room was very comfortable and spacious. There was a cute Italian balcony  where I can watch the sunrise in the morning.   Of course, a good selection of breakfast. I definitely recommend this family-owned hotel and restaurant.

Hotel Open Gate breakfast
Hotel Open Gate breakfast

 HOtel Open gate breakfast buffet

Aside from the peaceful atmosphere, Praiano also gave me that romantic vibes. While walking around the town, I saw a lot of couples strolling hand-in-hand. I really enjoyed my walks here. The streets were not swarming with tourists and the people were very welcoming. No wonder it was also a famous newlywed’s destination.

Marina di Praia
Marina di Praia


Last, I love the chic restaurants in the seaside.

You should definitely try the Fish of the Day meal-  just-caught seafood! Something you can’t have everyday- at least for me here in London. Apart from that, most tratorias sell ceramic and handcrafted  souvenirs which just made the place more colourful.


Fish of the Day


If peaceful, romantic and uncrowded is what you’re looking for, Praiano is the one for you!

Praiano Town


 From Naples airport, you can get her by  bus, cab or train.

 I tried the bus from Naples Airport.

Curreri Bus: Naples to Sorrento Stazione  (10 euros/ person)

Sita bus: Sorrento to Praiano. ( 8 euros / person)

It was the cheapest way but not the most convenient one. It was exhausting and the time table was unreliable. It can get really packed in the bus and the last thing you want is to miss your stop. Sadly, that happened to me. So, if you are taking this route, make sure to:

▪ Ask your hotel which bus stop they are close.

▪ Sit close to the driver.

▪ Remind the driver your bus stop.

▪ Have drinks and snacks with you.

▪Note a landmark close to your hotel

▪Pay attention to the bus stops.

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