Temple Tour in Bali


Aside from its Balinese architecture and landscapes, emerald rice terraces and white sandy beaches, Bali is also famous for its spiritual beliefs. Here are some of  the stunning temples we saw during our stay in Ubud.



Pura Ulun Danu Bratan


***Entrance fee: 10,000 IDR
No sarong required***


It is a water temple famous for its floating illusion in Lake Beratan encircled by the mountain.  They have restaurants and sitting areas which make it a go-to destination of the locals. As we entered the vicinty, we saw a couple wearing yellow costumes. According to our guide, they were having a pre weddding pictorial. They were so cool that they let us have picture with them too.



Pura Taman Ayun


***Entrance fee: 20,000 IDR
No sarong required***


I love everything about this place! The temple is very unique and each side has its own story.  It sits in the middle of the garden with pool of lotus flower at the bottom. As you walk around the temple, you can also enjoy various trees and flowers surrounding the place.

I was surprised to see it with less crowd compared with the first one. But at least we had a pleasant walk and we took our time to take as much photos as we can.




***Entrance Fee: 35,000 IDR
No sarong required***

Among the four, this one is my favorite. Located in the east side of Bali is the one hectare water palace filled with flowers,  fountains, pools and statues.   Plus, koi!


The first attraction was the water tower and the floating statues and stones  with koi swimming under. You can actually feed them and you can buy the fish meal outside.

On the next level, we saw some scary male and female figures which symbolize vital role in their culture.

In the last part, we saw several pools and one of them is for public use. People were having a royal dip  and they believe that the water is holy.  We also enjoyed the little bridges and several fountains in the lush garden.



Uluwatu Temple


***Entrance Fee: 40,000 IDR
Sarong required***

This sea temple set on the cliff is one of the most visited spots in the south. Aside from it’s stunning sunset view, you can see the beautiful waves of Indian ocean crashing by. Also, there are cheeky monkeys roaming around. There are two entrances and it would take at least an hour to get to the other end. The path involves hundreds of stairs and uneven areas.

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