​A Sweet Walk in New York

First of all, Happy 2017 to everyone! Another year has come and gone. Time is flying so fast and here we are starting a new journey again. I decided to write about my New York trip back in 2014. Still, it feels like yesterday.

Maybe it was FRIENDS and Sex and The City that really made me dream of this place, but for many years, it was at the top of my bucket list. There is nothing I can say that hasn’t been said already. So, I am just going to share some of my shots.


Central Park

My hotel was along Manhattan Avenue, just walking distance to Central Park, restaurants and shops. How to catch a ride in New York? Hail a cab! Yellow cabs can go in five boroughs but the green cars are limited. If you’re feeling fancy, prebook a private black ride. Be aware-  as you exit the airport, a lot of cab drivers would offer you a ride and make sure you take a yellow cab as the black one charges at least triple the price.

The tube will be your best friend if you want to get around Manhattan or to visit the other borough quickly. Take a moment and look around the architectures in every street. For an ultimate skyline view of New York, visit the open-air observatory of Empire State Building.

Empire State Observatory
View from Empire State Building

Brooklyn Bridge

The New York Public Library

Grand Central Terminal

Never leave without visiting the bustling  and glittering Times Square- colourful ads, loud music, various shops, huge displays and a lot more.

End the day by cruising along the Hudson and capture the beauty of the famous Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and more.

Circle Line River Cruise
Brooklyn Bridge
Statue of Liberty
Manhattan Bridge

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