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There is no doubt that Rome is one of the most visited cities in the world. Aside from that, it is also a favorite movie location as seen in Angels and Demons, Eat Pray Love and The Talented, Mr. Ripley, which I just recently watched and it reminded me of my trips to  Rome.


Rome 188.JPG
Rome Dec 2011


I first visited Rome in December 2011 to celebrate New Year. It was winter season but the cold weather did not stop me to explore the streets of Rome. Gladly, I had a chance to see it in summer time last year, May 2015. I would share my experience and photos taken in both trips.


Rome May 2015



It is very vital to choose an area that is walking distance to the attractions but is peaceful at night. In the morning, streets are filled with spirited tourists wandering around the bricked roads of Rome. However, when night falls, these lovely alleys would be a drinking site to some particularly if there is a pub nearby. Holiday is about having fun and relaxation and that should not involve drunk, howling people every night.



Spanish Steps May 2015
Spanish Steps Dec 2011



Castel Sant’Angelo May 2015


Capitoline Hill May 2015




I set 50 euros/ day for my food and transport. Of course, if you prefer to dine in restaurants all the time this would not be enough. A slice of pizza or two scoops of gelato costs 3 euros. Pasta, risotto and main meals would be 7 to 20 euros and up in the trattorias.


Art is everywhere in Rome and the best way to capture these magnificent creations is by walking. Definitely grab a free map in your hotel reception and plan your day ahead. You may find the Rome metro a convenient way to go from one district to another for 1.50 euro each ride.

Trevi Fountain Dec 2011


Altare Della Patria May 2015


Pantheon Dec 2011




From left to right & top to bottom, there are countless sculptures in different sizes on the buildings, inside the fountains and along the street. These statues were built years ago but they were able to preserve them as if they were recently built.


Aside from that, Rome plays a vital role in history and religion, particularly the Roman Catholic. Visit all the churches you would see and witness the intricate work of art from exterior to interior.

St. Peter’s Basilica May 2015



Piazza Navona May 2015


Lastly, take your time and savor all the landmarks and ruins you would pass as you roam the streets of Rome.


Colosseum May 2015




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