Oh my, Venice!

​I stayed in Tuscany for two summers because of my job. Since then, I have always felt at home in Italy and I have made it a ritual to visit different cities every year. It was my first time to see Venice last May 2016. 

 I stayed at a hotel in Santa Lucia. It was the perfect location because it was ten minutes outside the central area and prices were lower compared with  San Marco. It was also quiet at night and there were more local market and shops you can choose from.

Every corner has its own story and most of the interesting streets are not in the map. Make sure to spend a day just walking around and get lost in these beautiful city.

Gondola ride costs €80 to 100. Any time of the day, you can enjoy the canal lined with colorful buildings and historic architecture.  Of course, don’t forget to  visit the famous landmarks in San Marco.

Basilica Di Santa Maria Della Salute
Basilica Di San Marco
St. Mark Square
Palazzo Ducale

Above all, try different local food everyday.

I know it sounds cheesy, but Venice has this positive energy where everything just seems magical and romantic. Make sure to catch the sunset to have a perfect end in your day.

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