Exploring El Nido Town

If you are on a budget and cannot afford to purchase all the island tours, do not fret! Here are some things you might find interesting around El Nido.

Las Cabanas Beach

With a tuktuk or tricycle, you can easily locate this powdery white sand beach in 15 minutes.

 There is also a resort here known as Las Cabanas Beach Resort. If you prefer to lodge in a quiet area, this place is for you. It is P150 per ride, not per head.

Las Cabanas Beach Resort

Zipline Adventure

El Nido Zipline

Before you go down to Las Cabanas Beach, you might want to try the island-to-island zip lining whether in sitting or superman position. It may take at least 20 minutes to go up the hill depending on your speed.

If the wind is not strong, it will only be a one way Zipline and you will need to walk back to Las Cabanas Beach. At least, you can enjoy the view.

Nagkalit-kalit falls

All tricycle drivers will have posters of all the beaches and tours around El Nido. Leave as early as possible to enjoy the little falls.

Nacpan Beach

This was my favorite! Another long,  fine white sand and azure blue water. What made it different was the flat coast and  the small hill at the end of the beach.

There was also couple of restaurants selling grilled seafood and native dishes.

Definitely worth it!

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