El Nido, Philippines: Private Island Tour

Five Thousand Five Hundred Pesos” said the seller.  “Three Thousand Five Hundred Pesos” my reply.  “Okay, Four Thousand Pesos,  last price,” he said. 

Bargaining was one of the things I learned in the Philippines. It honestly felt good when I purchased something lower than the asking price. I paid extra  (max. capacity of the boat) when I did the private tour, but it was all worth it, because I got to pick the islands I wanted. I also traveled in my own pace and took my time to explore each place. Lastly, I had the chance to get to know some locals.  

This time, I picked Island Tour B.

Papaya Island

An uninhabitable and untouched archipelago suitable for camping and snorkeling. 

Pinagbuyutan Island

A long stretch of powdery white sand surrounded mostly by coconut trees and vertical rocks.

Cadugnon Cave

Top view of the cave

I had to crawl through a small opening between the rocks in order to get in. Inside,  there were different rock formation and a wall of limestone. According to my guide, this played a vital role in history where they found hidden treasures dating back to Sung Dynasty.

Snake Island

In low tide, there was a narrow, curvy sand path connecting the two adjacent islands. This was how they named this place.  We stayed here to have lunch and to enjoy the whole Bacuit bay. 

Bacuit Bay panorama

Tip: Inquire to numerous tour vendors before purchasing and ask for the smallest boat available. Most importantly, bargain!

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