El Nido, Philippines: Group Island Tour A

The beach in El Nido Town Proper was a typical yellow sand  and aqua blue water. It was good for swimming  but not for snorkeling.  I traveled during off season but it can still get crowded especially in the late afternoon once all the tourists came back from their island tour. 

There were  four island tours available and you can see a lot of offers online and along the street. I booked mine locally to give me a chance to bargain and to review each deals. All the package tours include  cold drinks, lunch, exotic islands and snorkeling. You can sign up in a group boat trip or a private expedition. But each tours are unique from each other. Tour A  is famous for the lagoons formed by the tall limestone rocks. Tour B offers caves and the unusual Snake island. If you want to see a cathedral and extraordinary sceneries,  try Tour C. Lastly, Tour D is purely about the beauty of the virgin beaches in El Nido.  Depending on the boat and the agency you booked with, you can stay 20 to 40 min in each islands. 

I picked Group Island Tour A. It was difficult for me to get a “perfect” shot as no videos or pictures could give justice to the beauty of these islands. I hope you enjoy my simple creation. 

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