​Phuket, Thailand: Phang Nga Bay Tour

Wat Suwan Kuha aka Buddha Cave Temple

By mini bus, we went to our first destination. Others also call it  Monkey Cave Temple. Based on the reviews I read about this place, I should expect a warm welcome from the monkeys waiting to be fed. I was really  looking forward to this day as my last visit to Monkey Island was not succesful. I went inside the cave and, even at the very end, I did not see one. Still, I get to enjoy different images inside and one of them  reminded me of the Reclining Buddha in Bangkok.

Buddha Cave Temple

Koh Panyee aka Muslim Fishing Village

Phanga Bay Tour by Longtail Boat

We rode a longtail boat with 25 people on board. I must say that Phanga Bay was all about green! From these tall, pine green limestone rocks down to crocodile & mint green water.

We had lunch at this colorful floating district. They have a school, a Mosque, houses and numerous shops. Even now in the modern day, they still manage to keep a peaceful and simple life above this bay.

Koh Khao Phing Kan aka James Bond Island

It was a buzzing island full of tourists doing selfies and vendors selling refreshments and souvenirs. It got more popular after they used this place for the location of James Bond 007: The Man with The Golden Gun

Khao Phing Kan Island
Ao Phang Nga National Park at James Bond Island
James Bond Island

Khob Khun Ka,  Phang Nga Bay!
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