Phuket, Thailand: Phi Phi and Khai Islands

It was a cloudy Monday morning in Phuket. At 9am, I was picked up at my hotel together with the other excited tourists and headed to Chalong Pier. We stayed half an hour in the office to educate us about safety regulations and what to expect in this tour. Koh Phi Phi has six islands and we are going to see two of them: Phi Phi Leh & Phi Phi Don.  I was praying so hard that the weather would be kind to us. Apparently,  if the current is strong, they  will have to cancel the Phi Phi Leh tour.


I’ve been dreaming of visiting the location of The Beach movie ever since I saw it.  A virgin island with a hidden lagoon and beach. Who wouldn’t?! God must have heard my prayers.  After a long, bumpy speedboat ride, we finally arrived! Phi Phi Leh aka Maya Bay.

Maya Bay
Phi Phi Leh

Heaven! We were just in awe of this magnificent creation. Vertical limestone cliffs, clear turquoise Andaman Sea, silky fine sand and jungle front. As you walked inside, you would see different kinds of plants and trees and just at the end of the island is another tourist attraction,  Loh Samah Bay.

Loh Samah Bay

You will  find restrooms,  two little stores selling drinks and some snacks. Also, they have camping sites for those who want to stay overnight.

Next stop was sightseeing at Pileh Cove before we have lunch at Phi Phi Don.

Pileh Cove


I was really looking forward to meet some monkeys. Unfortunately,  it was high tide and we cannot walk in the island. we tried to get as close as we can to capture this some cute little fellas!

Monkey Island

We went to this huge pavilion in Phi Phi Don to have lunch.  After eating, everyone just went straight to the shore to relax and have a quick dip.


We went to Koh Khai Nok for our last stop. Like Patong Beach, you would see loads of action here like jetskiing, parasailing and snorkeling.  Food and drinks are also available.

Koh Khai Nok

I cannot be thankful enough for this day. It was definitely worth it!

For more photos, checkout my Instagram account @go_be_adventurous.

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